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Our offering of pouched and loose leaf teas

Pure Tea, 15 biodegradable Tea Pouches, Hayato Sencha GreenTea.

Pure Tea - organic, fair traded and biodegradable

When your business requires a modern, high quality tea brand you should choose Pure Tea. Amazing aroma and taste, organic, fair traded teas, biodegradable materials printed with water based inks. The stitched tea pouch allow the tea leaves to unfurl properly which lead to fuller taste. Each of the 14 flavors are available both as tea pouches and loose leaves. Elevate your tea service today by products that your customers will love to come back for! Explore the flavours and read the full Pure Tea story here (in Swedish and English). Are you situated close to the coast? Then the fun, high quality brand, Trink Meer Tee, might be right for you. Offered only by Teamasters in Sweden. Explore the brand in this brochure, in English. 

We also offer two other pouched tea lines (14 and 15 flavors in each line) from the popular Althaus brand that is served in over 40 countries. This brand can satisfy every need and price level within hospitality. Download a free guide on pros and cons loose leaf teas vs tea in a pouch. Written in English. 

The colour of different chilled teas

Iced Tea

Prepare it yourself from our wide selection of organic, premium loose leaf teas. We provide easy to follow instructions for both cold brewed and hot brewed iced tea. Easy to serve, delicious iced tea that will refresh your guests of all ages. We also offer ready made, minimum sugar, iced tea, one refreshing green and one fruity infusion. Serve over ice or use as a drink mixer for additional taste. We have the recipes you need. Download a free copy of how to prepare great tasting iced tea. Both warm brewed and cold brewed iced tea. Written in Swedish.  

Written in English

Ayra Ruby, black elegant tea from Darjeeling.

Premium, seasonal, organic loose leaf teas

We offer loose leaf, unflavored teas made in small batches by artisans and plantations we have visited ourselves. All tea types are offered (white, yellow, green, oolong, black, pu-er both sheng and shou). Several teas are very rare and produced from wild and / or old tea trees. The volumes are small and typically sold in 200 - 500 g aroma preserving bags/packaging). We are as an example the only agent for in Scandinavia. Welcome to contact us for details and prices. Since the teas are seasonal the supply and the teas change through the year.

Pouched and loose leaf teas: Home & Personal
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