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Find out what students say about the Certified Tea Sommelier Training Course, Level I

Below you find some of the comments we have received on our Tea Sommelier Trainings. Catrin Rudling has been educating students since 2013 both in Scandinavia and in the USA.

I recommend the ITA tea sommelier education if you are interested in learning more about teas, evaluate them and get a personal feedback on your progress. It is very good to learn step by step about different teas, their origins and what makes them all taste very different. I also recommend this course when it comes to learning more about how the tea-industry really works, and to give a foundation to stand on when it comes to knowledge about tea, so in the future you can learn even more and gain a deeper understanding of Tea!

This course has been a great start of my journey to become a great tea sommelier and I am looking forward to attend further courses by ITA. 

I follow Shana on Instagram and even if I don’t know her in person, I love her knowledge and work in tea. I am honored to learn from people like you and Catrin. 

Our Tea Certificates

We’re grateful for all the teachers we have had and still meet on our tea journey. There is so much to learn in regards to tea and without the collected knowledge from those who have gone before us it would never be possible to enjoy all the fine teas and the knowledge that surrond them.  Here is one of the certificates we have, if you would like to receive a copy of each diploma please e-mail us. You can also find some more information here:

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International Tea Academy

We work closely with the International Tea Academy based in Kunming, China to certify individuals who want to achieve a Diploma in tea and become certified Tea Sommeliers. You are welcome to read more about the Academy and their offering here: