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Professional Level Tea Sommelier Diploma Course

The course will be a motivating experience, productive in terms of tea knowledge, a pathway in your tea career and a chance to create an interesting network within the international tea business. The course is suitable for everyone working professionally with tea or planning to do so in the future.

Registration for the Tea Sommelier Training in April 2022 is closed
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Professional Level Tea Sommelier Diploma Course
Professional Level Tea Sommelier Diploma Course

Time & Location

21 apr. 2022 09:00 – 22 apr. 2022 16:30

Bromma, Ranhammarsvägen 20e, 168 67 Bromma, Sweden

About the Event

The two-day intensive course starts at 9.00 AM and finishes at 4.30 PM on April 21st – April 22nd 2022. The entire course, including all written material is in English. After successful completion each student will receive the Professional Level Tea Sommelier Course Diploma. Tuition for the entire course is SEK 9 500 kr exkl VAT (the sum will be invoiced or can be payed by using, bankgiro payable ca 3-4 weeks before the course starts). We will meet on two occasions online before we gather in Bromma, and at one occasion after the course. You will be mentored throughout the whole course, from start to end. 

What you will learn: 

-The history of tea

-Where tea originated and how it has spread over the world

-The tea plant, different varieties and cultivars  

-Major growing regions of the world

-The six major tea types

-How each tea type is produced and their characteristics as well as to learn to distinguish them

-How the cultivar, growing conditions, harvest season, plucking and production method all influence the finished quality and taste of the tea

-Diving deeper into the five elemental tastes: sour, sweet, bitter, salty and umami.  

-To which element each tea belong and the most suitable season to consume each tea type

-Flavored teas, introduction to tea blending

-International professional tea evaluation   -Introduction to the tea evaluation process and sensory evaluation

-Gongfu Cha – what is it and can we still learn something from the old masters?

-Essential steps to know for a tea sommelier  

-Tips on how to steep and serve tea in a western tea service setting

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